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Our management diligently considers the implications for human rights, climate, and the environment when making decisions. Moreover, our company takes on the responsibility of reporting any practices that could potentially violate human rights and harm the environment to the relevant authorities.

We closely monitor our greenhouse gas emissions and adhere to industry best practices to mitigate the impact of our operations. Our vessels are classified in the A and B segments concerning EEXI compliance.

Daily, we work towards minimizing our carbon intensity indicator (CII) by optimizing cargo plans, encouraging efficient sailing, and adjusting speeds within our fleet. We prioritize the use of shore supply and eco-bunkers to further our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We are delighted to report that the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity of our fleet in 2022 stood at only 11.9 grams of CO2e per ton-kilometer, significantly outperforming the GLEC* sea transport emissions intensity value for general cargo vessels up to 4,999 dwt of 22 grams of CO2e per ton-kilometer. 

In light of different reporting approaches, we also calculated the emission intensity value following the carbon intensity index approach, i.e., annual carbon dioxide emissions from fuel combustion divided by deadweight and distance travelled in nautical miles. Following this methodology, the CO2 emission intensity of our fleet in 2022 amounted to 19.9 grams of CO2 per ton-nautical mile (or 10.7 grams of CO2 per ton-kilometer). 

* Calculated following the GLEC Framework version 3.0 published in September 2023 and developed by the Global Logistics Emissions Council, link: GLEC “was the first globally recognized methodology to calculate logistics GHG emissions and offer (…) a harmonized, efficient and transparent way to calculate and report logistics emissions”.​

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